Who We Are?

The Texas Alliance for Homeless Pets, an organization within the Beam Foundation, was created to increase awareness and find every animal a forever home. As the first step in our strategic initiative, we created a coalition of animal welfare groups in Dallas and Tarrant Counties interested in becoming a part of the bigger picture by impacting animal wellness and euthanasia in a large scale way. We understand that what one person or group can’t do alone, a large group comprised of passionate individuals or groups can accomplish.


Create social change so that every dog and cat has a happy healthy home.


Resolve the underlying, systemic issues of overpopulation of pets in Texas through community outreach and collaboration

Strategic Initiatives:

  • Build a large scale collaborative coalition and support each individual animal group.
  • Partner with corporations, individuals, civil servants, and members of the community.
  • Determine education and awareness strategy.
  • Raise money through fundraising and grants.
  • Increase adoptions thorough large scale adoption events.
  • Increase spay/neuter and adoption initiatives.
  • Support support support and work COLLABORATIVELY.