Tips For Keeping Your Pets Safe During Summer Holiday Activities

Tips For Keeping Your Pets Safe During Summer Holiday Activities

Summer is a fun season, but make sure it’s also safe for pets with these tips.

Summer is a great season for both pets and their owners. The days are longer so that you can fit in more activities, the temperature is warmer so that you can go outside and explore your surroundings and, if you are lucky enough to have someone in your family who is on summer vacation, that means endless play time with your pets as well!

4th of julyThe summer season is also the time of year when many family get-togethers, weddings and long holiday weekends happen, ensuring that you and your family are always keeping busy! However, with the excitement and busy schedules of summer, it is easy to overlook things that your pet may be getting into or even lose sight of them in the hustle and bustle of activities.

To help you ensure that your pet stays safe and happy throughout all of your summer plans, here are just a few tips that you as a pet owner should be aware of during festive summer activities:

Keep Pets Indoors During Fireworks

With 4th of July, Memorial Day and Labor Day all taking place during the summer season, there will be plenty of opportunities for your family to enjoy the fireworks. However, one family member who may need to take a pass on the firework show is your dog. Many pets become easily frightened by the unfamiliar loud noises and lights that accompany fireworks. Leaving them outdoors during this kind of activity could cause them to cower, panic and even run off and become lost.

In fact, 4th of July weekend is a very busy time for animal shelters because they are often brought unidentified dogs who were found wandering around after fireworks. Therefore, keep your pet indoors during firework shows.

Update Your Pet’s ID Tag

As we stated above, there are many different instances where your pet could run off during busy summer events and activities. Even if you think they are safe in your own backyard, a child or family member could easily forget to close the gate while they are playing around and your dog may not be able to find their way back. Therefore, double check that all of the information on their pets ID tag is correct, including your address and cell phone number―just in case!

Inform Your Guests Of Your Rules

Summer is a popular season for having friends and family members over for barbeques  and dinner events, but be aware that not everyone may have the same rules for their pet as your family does. For instance, some guests may think it is okay to sneak your dog food under the table, while you may be very strict about not giving your dog table scraps. To make sure that all of your guests are on the same page with your pet’s rules, make sure to politely inform them before dinner that their food is for people only and your pet already enjoyed their delicious dinner.

Do you have any other tips for ensuring that your pet stays safe during the summer months? Leave us your suggestions in the comments below! We may even share your tip in an upcoming blog post.


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