Tips For Introducing A New Animal To The Other Pets In Your Home

Tips For Introducing A New Animal To The Other Pets In Your Home

Make sure your new pet meshes well with the rest of the animals in your family.

Bringing a new pet into your home can be an exciting and thrilling experience for  everyone! Well… possibly everyone except the other pets that live in your home. Unfortunately, when it comes to introducing new pets to your other furry family members, it is going to take a little more than a pawshake and a “Hello, my name is Rover. Nice to meet you!”

There is no way to be able to tell whether or not your pets are going to be lifelong pals or mortal enemies before you introduce them. Therefore, it is important to take it slow when introducing a new dog or cat into your family, and to have realistic expectations about their attitude and behavior between one another.

Luckily, with some patience, training and preventative maintenance, you can ensure that your pets have a successful introduction experience and learn to have a healthy relationship within your household. To help you get started, here are just a few tips for introducing a new animal to the other pets in your home.

Introduce Them On Neutral Ground

When first introducing your new pet to the other pets in your family, you should do so in neutral territory. This means not in your backyard or in your home, but another enclosed area that will not feel territorial to your pet. For instance, the dog park or at another family members home. When first introducing them, let one dog run around for a little while to spread their scent, then take them away and bring the other pet to do the same. This way they will be formally introduced through each other’s scent before meeting face to face and will not have any inclination to fight.

Take It Slow

Once you have returned home and have begun introducing your new pet into your daily routine, be sure that you are taking the introduction process very slowly. Some pets may be very territorial for weeks or even months after bringing a new pet into the household, while other younger pets may be glad to have a companion for the first time! It is important to not force any kind of relationship until you figure out how both pets will react in their behavior.

Separate Them In The Beginning

In the first few weeks of bringing your new pet into your home, it helps to separate them from your other pets in certain instances, such as feeding time and during sleep. When feeding your pets, keep them in separate rooms but keep their food against the same door. This will keep the other pets scent in range so they can become familiar with it, and it will also help them associate each other’s smell with a positive action (getting food). Also be sure to keep cages in separate rooms at night so they can feel comfortable and secure while they sleep.

Introduce Each Other’s Scents

Smells are huge for pets. It is how they become familiar with new people and animals, and it is how they essentially “meet” each other. Therefore, to help your pets become more comfortable with one another, allow them to become familiar with each other’s scent. You can do this by taking a toy out of each dogs cage and placing it in the other’s. This will help them create a deep bond with one another.

Do you have any other tips for successfully introducing a new pet to the other pets in your home? Be sure to leave your suggestions in the comments below!

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