The Unusual Ultimate Pair: Dogs And Cats

The Unusual Ultimate Pair: Dogs And Cats

There is an age-old debate in the pet world that you may have heard about. Over the years, you may have heard the question over and over again: “Are you a dog person or a cat person?” Because there is so much controversy surrounding this debate, it may be hard to choose one or the other when deciding on which type of furry friend would be the best pet for you. To help you answer the question for yourself, here are some reasons you might identify with to help you decide whether to bring home a dog, a cat or both!

Pros of Dogs

Dogs have often been referred to as “mans best friend” and they continue to prove that they are deserving of this title. For instance, there are numerous stories on the news or social media sites every week that show dogs who sincerely love their owners. These stories include dogs protecting children lost in the woods and continuing to guard soldiers after returning from home from duty. The bottom line? If you treat a dog right, they’ll return the favor.

However, all this affection does require attention. Dogs should be walked regularly, can’t groom or bathe themselves, generally need to be let outside every several hours to “do their business” and will snuggle their way into your arms to be pet even if you’re busy.

Pros of Cats

Cats are generally the more independent of these two types of animals, but still enjoy attention. The main difference though is cats want attention on their terms and from their choice of person. If you want an animal that can bathe itself, does its business in the litter box that can be kept inside the house and is generally content to lay around the house and sleep, then a cat is the pet for you.

However, be prepared to be interrupted. If you’re working on your laptop, you might find your new kitty trying to help by laying on the warm keyboard, not allowing you to type. If you plan on moving your foot while under a blanket, prepare for a kitty aerial attack. They may not know it’s just your foot. And finally, many people say you can’t call a cat. Just set up your work in the one spot that gets the most sun and like magic, your cat will appear to reclaim their rightful spot.

Pros of Having a Dog and Cat

Sure, there are many people who say dogs and cats just simply cannot get along. However, that is not the case. Even more surprising, it could even be beneficial for both pets as well as you if you do indeed choose both to occupy you’re home. Here are 4 reasons why it’s a great idea to bite the bullet and welcome in two new tiny tenants:

  1. Each will have a counterpart to play with and if introduced from birth, they will form a friendly bond.
  2. There is no struggle over territory like there would be between two dogs or two cats, so they’re closer.
  3. They can entertain and take care of each other when you have a couple really busy days.
  4. Both animals will learn to be more tolerant of other animals and people.

So you’re ready to bring home a new cat and a dog or add one to your already occupied household? Make sure you know how and are ready to introduce them to each other to foster good relationships between the two. Check out our website to learn how to adopt a pet who needs a good home and comment about your pet’s newfound friendships.

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