The Top 3 Toys for Your Dog

The Top 3 Toys for Your Dog

We’ve all gone to the pet store with the intent to buy dog food – and dog food only – but a walk through the dog toy aisle quickly changes our mind. Whether it’s the adorable bug eyes on that squeaky stuffed animal or the images that run through your head when you see the perfect Frisbee, something makes you cave and you come home with two new toys, a bag of treats – and the original dog food. You give the toys to your dog in a grand flourish and she looks at them, then heads back to her bed. Nothing is worse than being excited about a dog toy and not seeing that same excitement in your furry friend. Here are some of the best dog toys currently on the market that are sure to win over both you and your dog.

The Kong

You have to have heard of this toy before. If you don’t have one yet, you must not be convinced it’s really as exciting as dogs seem to find it. Humans are fascinated by the game of hard-to-get. The Kong is hard-to-get: dog edition. The hole in the middle of the toy allows for some kind of treat to be put inside (some people prefer peanut butter). The dog will be working to get it out for hours. When they finally do, they receive the treat, a reward for their hard work and a further encouragement to continue to play with this same toy next time. An added benefit: this toy is extra strong, making it one of the best dog toys for chewers.

The Frostbite

If you identified with the perfect Frisbee, and love to spend time at the park or beach throwing and catching, then the Frostbite is for you (and your dog). The latest in Frisbee technology, this toy is made of softer plastic so it punctures instead of splintering when an overexcited dog decides to sink his or her teeth into it. This is safer than your average flying disc and will better ensure that no Frisbee pieces end up in your dog’s stomach. It’s also specially designed to endure the colder months, so if you live up north, this is the toy for you!


A fan favorite: a plush dog toy. Something is just so adorable about your dog using their natural instincts to tear through a cute stuffed animal. Tuffies are durable stuffed animals made out of tough fabrics so your dog can get more than one use out of them. Not only does this improve their longevity, but you also no longer have to supervise play to make sure no stuffing is ingested.

While there are many different toys on the market, these are just a few that might elicit a better response when you return from the pet store. If your pet store allows you to bring your pet with you, do it! You’ll have a toy tester so you know which ones are exciting and which are, eh, not so much. No one can blame you for not thinking like a dog.

You say you’re more of a cat person, but all this playtime sounds like fun? Call us now and adopt a dog, as long as you introduce them the right way, you’ll have two playmates that are friends forever.

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