Strategic Initiatives

As a coalition dedicated to change, Texas Alliance for Homeless Pets has built a collaborative coalition. This coalition is a change agent in the industry and will create a sustainable model for our common goal: every pet having a happy and healthy home. The Alliance of Participating Organizations (APO’s) of TAHP, met and designed the strategic plan for the organization. Together with facilitators and animal welfare experts, we brainstormed high impact initiatives that will make a dramatic difference in the systemic issues behind the overpopulation of pets in Texas.

The chosen initiatives for 2014 are:

  • Host 2 Sterilization Events in Dallas and Fort Worth.
  • Determine and execute an education and awareness strategy. We are piloting a Professional Education Seminar Series with our APO’s to directly support them and increase capacity.
  • Discover and execute innovative investment opportunities within and across the community.
  • Host a large-scale adoption event; which will alleviate shelter numbers; allowing more members of the community to connect with a forever friend.
  • Partner with corporations, individuals, civil servants, governments and members of the community to dramatically reduce the numbers of homeless pets.

Texas Alliance for Homeless Pets is built on the fundamental values of collaboration and support and TAHP will lead the charge in bringing people together to make a difference.

We are committed to those strategic initiatives that best serve our community needs. Our coalition is rocketing forward with progress, and we are excited to share it with you. You can make a difference by donating, adopting, fostering, spaying, neutering or volunteering at any of our many events. Together we can make a difference.