Shelter Stories: Meet Dasha, A Rescued Husky Found A Loving Home!

Shelter Stories: Meet Dasha, A Rescued Husky Found A Loving Home!

This loving Husky dog was found as a stray and is enjoying his forever home.

Without a doubt, the best part of working at an animal shelter is helping homeless animals find a forever home with a loving, devoted new owner. No matter what may have happened in their past that had lead to them ending up in a shelter, when they finally meet that one special person who is going to give them the love and attention that they have craved for so long, you can see joy in their eyes and the happiness that they feel in their hearts.

We here at Texas Alliance for Homeless Pets were lucky enough to see this happen last October with a loving Husky dog named Dasha.

Dasha was found as a stray living with a severe case of mange and was found by Dallas Animal Services. Mange mite (or Demodex) is not a disease that is caused by humans. Instead, it is a systematic thing and can be caused by many different things in pets. For example, allergies, weakened immune system, etc.  This skin problem can cause a horrible skin infection on a pet’s skin and it typically takes months for it to clear up completely. Luckily, it can be treated through the use of medicated dips, Ivermectin and antibiotics.

In most cases, it takes quite a while for mange to develop into a serious issue. In the case of seriousness of Dasha’s mange, it would have taken at least a year of no treatment or vet care for it to get in the shape that Dasha was in.

Luckily, Texas Husky Rescue found Dasha through DAS before it was too late. He skin was in pretty bad condition when they picked him up, and normally a shelter will hold a dog for 5 days before they will release to rescue. However, depending on their condition and the shelter’s vetting capabilities, they will sometimes do an emergency release.  This was done in Dasha’s case.  He went straight to the wonderful Texas Alliance For Homeless Pet’s vet who was able to give him urgent care for his mange and the other issues that were brought on by his neglect.

(Read after the jump to see pictures of Dasha’s mange — Warning: Graphic images)

dasha 2

dasha 3

Together, along with the amazing people at Texas Husky Rescue, we were able to treat him for the mange for several weeks, clearing up his skin quite a bit. In fact, Dasha looked so good once we were done with him that he was adopted to a wonderful family that had experience treating mange in the past. Luckily for Dasha, their vet also had dealt quite a bit with this skin condition so as soon as our vet felt he was medically ready to travel, he was off to meet his new family!

Today, Dasha is thriving! His skin has healed and he is loving all of the snow and cold weather at his new home in Maine!

dasha 4

The above picture is Dasha at his new loving home. Doesn’t he look GREAT?! SO HEALTHY!!

Do you have a similar heartwarming adoption story that is similar to Dasha’s? We would love to hear your own successful adoption story in the comments below!


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