Raising Awareness: April Is Prevention of Cruelty To Animals Month

Raising Awareness: April Is Prevention of Cruelty To Animals Month

How to help prevent cruelty to animals this month and all year long.

As animal lovers, it is hard to imagine that anyone would not love and adore their pets as much as we would. We welcome them into our homes, our lives and sometimes even our beds, and we wouldn’t have it any other way! In fact, many of us think of our pets as our own children, treat them and love them as such, and would go well out of our way to put their health and happiness above our own.

Unfortunately, not everyone in the world thinks this way, and many pet owners do not treat their animals with the love and respect that they deserve. Because of this, animal cruelty has become a serious problem all across the world, not just with animals who are recovering in shelters, but also with pets who face animal abuse in their own homes.

In order to raise awareness of the devastating and serious issue of animal cruelty, we will be educating and informing our readers of this problem throughout April’s Prevention of Cruelty To Animals month . Here are just a few ways in which you can help to prevent animal cruelty this month and all year long:

Look Out For Abused Animals

Being able to spot early on, an animal who is being abused or neglected can help to save a life in the long run. Therefore, keep an eye open to any situations where you feel like neglect or harmful misconduct is at play. A few signs that an animal may need you to step in and help include:

  • Extreme thinness or bones that are visible
  • Weakness or limping that prohibits them from moving normally
  • Visible signs of physical abuse, such as broken limbs, cuts, scrapes or recoiling when you go to touch them.
  • Untreated skin conditions such as fleas or ticks, or conditions that cause loss of hair or problematic skin
  • Signs of poor grooming, such as extreme matting of fur, dirty coat or overgrown nails

Report Pets In Dangerous Environmental Conditions

Animal cruelty also includes putting animals in situations and environmental conditions that could put their health in jeopardy. Therefore, if you spot a pet in one of these situations, contact your local animal control center through your city government. Some of these environmental signs may include:

  • Pets who are outside for long periods of time without adequate shelter, food or water
  • Pets who are outside in extreme weather conditions for long periods of time. These conditions include freezing cold temperatures, hot temperatures or dangerous weather conditions
  • Pets who are housed in kennels or cages that are too small or that are littered with feces or garbage (A general rule for size is the animal should be able to stand up and turn around in their kennel.)

If you spot an animal in any of these situations or spot an animal that shows obvious signs of abuse, it is very important that you do not keep it to yourself. Report the situation to animal control or to your local pet rescue shelter. This will help to ensure that the pet is taken out of the potentially dangerous situation and put into a place where they will be loved and taken care of. As an animal lover, it is your duty to help find health and happiness for every pet you can.


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