Patra’s Picks: What Kind of Pet Is Best for Your Astrological Sign? (Part Two)

Patra’s Picks: What Kind of Pet Is Best for Your Astrological Sign? (Part Two)

Welcome to the exciting second part of Patra’s Picks for July! In this column, everyone’s favorite feline mascot of the Texas Alliance for Homeless Pets predicts what kind of pet is best for you to rescue from a North Texas animal shelter, based on your star sign. Remember: adopt, don’t shop!

If you don’t see your sign here, look for it in part one. Let’s get going!

 Leo (July 23 – August 23)

The proud Lion is driven by a need to be appreciated, and respected. Considered by some to be a tad vain, Leos are really just a sign who want to be recognized for their efforts. They love to shine in fields that show off their efforts and their creativity, like cooking, fashion and fitness.

As such, Leos need to adopt a pet who will look good next to them! In the great tradition of attractive humans with tiny dogs in cute clothes, the stars say that you would be perfectly matched with a Teacup Chihuahua. Yo quiero best friendship!

Virgo (August 24 – September 22)

Considered by some to be the “servant” of the Zodiac, Virgos’ lives are ruled by order and perfectionism.  They’re great at planning, organizing, and simplifying but need to be reminded to walk on the wild sign now and again!

I see a Sphynx Cat in your future this month, Virgo! It totally makes sense, too: a pet that sheds a lot is a no-no for the Virgo, but you definitely need some affection and activity in your life—and we Sphynxes are good for that!

Libra (September 23 – October 22)

The Libra is the voice of reason among the star signs. They excel in legal careers and in law enforcement; their love of harmony is second only to that of justice. They thrive on teams, particularly those where they are needed, and are in their element charming everyone in the room.

Your typical work-task balance will be upset when your social life presents a unique opportunity this month. My advice, Libra, is to make time to head to a North Texas shelter to find the special pal waiting for you—after all, chances are high that you were born right in the middle of Adopt a Shelter Dog Month! A Birman cat is destined to match well with a Libra—their need for constant, low-level affection meshes perfectly with your charisma and need to unwind after a lot of social time.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

The fieriest of the fire signs, the intense Scorpio can be a little hard to handle! They crave security but thrive on beating the competition. Scorpios tend towards highly physical careers where their success is written across their body—physical therapy, personal training, and gym teaching are all areas where you might find true and lasting happiness.

You need a goofy pal who will make sure you have some fun but can also lap you on the running trail. Scorpio, there’s serious possibility that there’s a Labrador in your future. ‘Nuff said.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

The stereotypical Sag is an explorer. They want to expand their horizons, spread their wings, and go, go, go. A romantic at heart, the Sagittarius has a serious case of wanderlust. This month, an amazing opportunity will arise, but only if you’re willing to take it.

Also this month, you’ll stumble across the best friend you’ll ever have at a North Texas shelter. He has four stumpy legs, pointy ears, and the dopiest grin. A Pembroke Corgi is exactly the kind of dog made for your journeys: his legs may be short, but these little guys have the most adventurous hearts. I mean, have you seen that video of Goro on Mount Fuji?!

 Capricorn (December 22 – January 20)

Ambitious Capricorn, you are in your element when you’re slaving away. Your sign is symbolized by the hard-working Goat, and that truly is representative of your slow ascent to the top of the career ladder. An earth sign, you flourish in charting details like color, texture, and time, and you’re great at research. You excel in the corporate world, particularly when it provides note of your accomplishments, high titles, and bonuses.

The Goat needs a furry friend who will help you to practice relaxing and work-life balance. Truly, you would benefit most from a dog, but the high-powered Cap doesn’t usually want a pet getting in the way of the occasional late night at the office. As such, the stars tell me you’re most suited for a Maine Coon lap cat, who will greet you at the door, come when called, and purr loudly as he cuddles up with you on the couch.

If you’re ready to take your horoscope seriously and take the next step towards fulfilling your destiny, visit one of the partners in our No More Homeless Pets in Texas Alliance this month. And one more tip, humans: despite what the stars say, if you find a North Texas shelter pet who is mixed with your ideal breed, go for it! Mixed breeds are some of the best animals, and there are so many in rescues who need good homes.

The stars are all aligned for a rescue!



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