Meet Our New Mascots: Patra and Tiberius

Meet Our New Mascots: Patra and Tiberius

Here at the Texas Alliance for Homeless Pets, our goal is to give animals a voice. By advocating tirelessly for homeless dogs and cats, we’re able to bring their plight to the attention of people all over the DFW area – any one of whom might just provide the next generous donation of time or money to a shelter, the next caring foster home, or even the next loving forever home for one of our furry friends.

But we’ve decided that it’s just not enough for us to speak for our four-legged friends – we want to let them speak for themselves! So today we’d like to introduce you to Texas Alliance for Homeless Pets’ two new mascots: Patra the cat, and Tiberius the dog. They’d each like to say a few words of greeting here before they become our official bloggers.

Patra the Sphynx Cat  


It’s not true, you know – that stereotype of the stuck-up cat, too snooty to care about anything but herself. We do care about others – especially other cats! Which is why I agreed to become the feline mascot for the nice folks here at Texas Alliance. It’s just heartbreaking to think that while I’m relaxing on my comfy cat bed, being petted and fussed over by my humans, others just like me are yowling in a cage at a shelter, wishing with all their hearts for a family to love them. So I decided I just had to help.

You see, I used to be one of those shelter pets. I’ll never forget the day my humans came to my shelter and rescued me. It’s not that the folks at the shelter weren’t nice – they did their very best to make me comfortable. But it’s just not the same as a forever home, you know? I want every cat and every kitten to be able to experience the absolute devotion of a pet parent, just like I get to. So I’m really looking forward to writing this blog!

Tiberius the Dog         


Well, Patra may identify with the riff-raff, but I most certainly do not. As a purebred, at first I felt I had no kinship with those poor furrballs at the shelter. What I soon learned was that 40% of the animals stuck in there, are purebred and those other guys, well, they’re more noble than many with royal lines. It’s my duty as a member of the canine nobility to offer my help to those in need. And those poor dogs who don’t know the glory of a chilly evening spent lying in front of a roaring fire, with one’s devoted humans catering to one’s every whim – well, it’s simply unthinkable that any dog should go without such pleasures. I won’t stand for it. Thus, my decision to write for this admittedly rather uncouth medium – the weblog.

I myself was raised by my own parents and my pet parents, along with littermates of the finest pedigree. Both of my parents are award winners, as am I – but one doesn’t like to brag. Suffice it to say that it is an honor for the Texas Alliance to have my writing services available to them – and for you to have the opportunity to read my work. You are welcome.

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