Jordan’s Blog: December 18th, 2013

Jordan’s Blog: December 18th, 2013
Look at my backyard everyone!!  I played in the snow for 6 hours and my dad couldn’t get me to come in.  Me and Griz had so much fun, playing tag and slide down the hill.
We were out of school for 2 days and we explored the whole backyard, made snow angels but Griz just rolled around a lot.  We also got to suck on icicles and ice cookies.  We played in our playhouse and pretended we had magical powers.  Mine was to make it snow and Griz’s power was to make snow clouds by rolling.  Griz tackled me and I threw snowballs at her.
Oh, and we broke snow out of the ground and then threw them on the concrete to break them; then they all splattered out and made it look really cool.  Later on, my brother DoDo threw ice high in the air and we covered our heads and ran around screaming; me, Grizzly Girl and Olivia. We did that for a long time and then got tired and then went in and laid by the fire and watched Christmas movies.
– Jordan

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