Important Tips To Remember When Hiring A Pet-Sitter

Important Tips To Remember When Hiring A Pet-Sitter

When hiring a pet sitter, be sure to remember these important pet care tips.

Now that the weather is slowly getting warmer and Spring is on the horizon, many families around the country are finalizing their Spring Break plans and packing up their swimsuits for a much-needed warm vacation. However, whether you are heading out of town for a short weekend or you have a long-term trip planned somewhere far away, not all of the vacations that we take throughout the year are going to be pet-friendly.

One of the best solutions if you are heading out of town and need someone to care for your pet is to hire a professional pet sitter. Not only does hiring a pet sitter ensure that you have someone who is with your pet at all times, keeping them company and caring for them, but it also allows your pet to remain in a comfortable home environment while you are out of town, rather than in a boarding area or pet day care center. Some dog sitters will even stay in your home while you are gone so that your pet can be as comfortable as possible in a familiar environment!

However, anytime you put one of your loved ones in the care of someone else, it’s easy to become stressed about how they will care for them while you are gone. Therefore, it’s important that you prepare as much as possible and follow all of the right pet care tips to ensure that your pet is enjoying their vacation just as much as you are while you’re gone.

Where To Find A Pet Sitter

There are a number of different ways that you can go about finding a great sitter to care for your animals while you are away. Some people like to ask their friends or family members to pet sit, that way their pet is left with someone who they are already familiar with. Friends that have pets of their own may even be able to recommend great pet sitters that they have used in the past. Your veterinarian is also a great resource for pet sitter recommendations.

There are a also a number of online resources for finding a qualified, professional pet sitter, such as,, or These sites typically feature local pet sitters in your area, recommendations from previous pet owners that have hired local sitters, as well as prices and offered services for pet-sitters in your area.

What To Look For When Choosing A Pet Sitter

When it comes to hiring a pet sitter to care for your animals while you are away, it’s important that you do plenty of research and ultimately pick someone that you trust. However, it doesn’t only come down to how you feel about the person who is watching your pets, but also how your pets feel about them. Be sure that you closely observe your pets’ reactions to your pet sitter and make sure they are comfortable around them and will take orders from them while you are away.

As far as technical information goes, your pet sitter should be professional and well-informed about all aspects of pet care. They should also have the liability insurance that is necessary for being a pet sitter, as well as a service contract that thoroughly goes over their specific services and their associated fees.

Above all, your pet sitter should also be genuinely interested and enthusiastic about spending time with your pet, and should take initiative to learn as much as possible about them, including their favorite ways of spending time, their temperament, eating habits, favorite forms of exercise, etc. This is the person that your pet is going to be spending all of their time with, so you want to make sure it is enjoyable for everyone!

Important Information To Leave With Your Pet Sitter

Before leaving for your trip, there is also a number of pieces of information that you should leave with your pet sitter to help them best care for your pet and be prepared in case any emergencies arise. Here are just a few things to leave behind for your pet sitter before going on vacation:

  • Necessary pet care items, including enough food, a leash or harness, toys and treats, kitty litter, etc.
  • How to contact you while you are gone
  • Contact information for neighbors or nearby friends/family who are familiar to your pet
  • Contact info for your pet’s veterinarian
  • Feeding care and instructions
  • Any medications or information about health issues your pet may have
  • Any special notes or instructions about your home if they are staying there

Do you have any additional tips for someone who is hiring a pet sitter for the first time? Be sure to share any suggestions in the comments below! We may even feature your tips in a future blog post!

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