How Your Unique Skills and Hobbies Can Help Homeless Pets

How Your Unique Skills and Hobbies Can Help Homeless Pets

Utilize your personal skills to help a homeless pet find a forever home!

Often times when we think about volunteering at local animal shelters or helping homeless pets in our area, we are very limited in the ways we think that we can help. For instance, many people often assume that they only way they can help to make a difference is to either donate their time or their money. However, many animal shelters often need help in a large number of different areas, not just in physical and monetary support.

There are a number of indirect ways that a volunteer can use their own personal skills and hobbies in order to help support homeless animals and help put a stop to the problem of pet overpopulation. For instance, if you are have any of the unique skills listed below, you may be able to help your local animal shelter in a number of ways:

1. Photography

There is no question that animals are heart-meltingly adorable. From their big, brown puppy dog eyes to their cute little whiskers around their tiny noses, it’s hard to resist these cute creatures. In fact, having a quality photo of an animal to share on social media or to list on a shelter’s website is one of the biggest contributing factors to an animal being adopted. People feel much more connected to a pet when they can see them. Unfortunately, not all animal shelters have a quality camera or photographer on staff to help produce these quality photos. Therefore, if you are a photographer or have a passion for taking great photos, contact your local animal shelter to see if they need help photographing their adoptable animals!

2. Social Media

Are you a wiz on Facebook or Twitter, or have a social network of friends bigger than your actual friend group? Animal shelters are always looking to expand their reach on social media so they can spread the world about their animals up for adoption, reach out to possible donors, and inform their followers about important upcoming events. Even simply taking the time to share an adoptable animal’s photo or a shelter’s call for help can help to expand the chances an animal has for getting adopted.

3. Party Planning

If you are someone who loves throwing a great party for your friends and family, or jump at the chance to throw a theme party whenever there is an upcoming sports events, holiday, or simply because it’s the weekend, why not put your party planning skills to good use by hosting an adoption or fund-raising event for a local shelter? These events are extremely helpful for spreading the word about animals up for adoption, as well as helping to inform people about the overwhelming pet overpopulation problem. Contact your local shelter today to see if you can work closely with them to sponsor an event on their behalf!

4. Hospitality

Are you an excellent hostess whenever you have friends and family in town visiting? Do you love to make sure that everyone who stays at your home is comfortable, happy and entertained? Great hospitality skills do not only have to translate to people. There are a number of homeless pets who would love to have a foster family put them up and care for them until they find their forever family! Plus, fostering a pet is a great way to see whether or not your family is ready for pet adoption without the full commitment of a full-time pet.

If you are interested in donating any of the above skills and hobbies in order to help a homeless animal, be sure to contact Texas Alliance for Homeless Pets today. We can help connect you with a shelter in need where you can put your talents to good use.

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