How to Raise Awareness for Shelter Pets at Schools

How to Raise Awareness for Shelter Pets at Schools

With students starting a new school year across the country, now is the perfect time to get involved with new organizations, inside and outside of school. When deciding where to dedicate your time, why not look into volunteering at your nearest animal shelter? The problem of pet overpopulation is one that receives a lot of publicity, but not a lot of action. Shelters are always looking for volunteers, people to foster or adopt, and individuals to raise awareness about the millions of animals who are in shelters every year. Below are just a few of the ways that you can raise awareness and help out your local shelter.

Start an Animal Appreciation Club

Starting an animal appreciation club is a great way to increase awareness of pet overpopulation and involvement with homeless animals. Typically, schools are willing to start a new club once they see there is enough interest in the subject. A student, or administrator, who wants to start an animal appreciation club, can simply post flyers throughout the hallways looking for willing participants. Once the club is started successfully, try to use it as a platform for spreading awareness. Bring in guest speakers from the local shelter, set-up a pet food drive at your school and donate your time as a volunteer to play with the animals, take the dogs for walks, or help with anything else you can at the shelter.

Invite a Veterinarian to Career Day

For those students who are not interested in joining the animal appreciation club, inviting a veterinarian to your school’s career day is a great way to make sure they are still exposed to the issues homeless pets face. The vet can talk about the concerns that exist for shelter pets, what they do at their job on a day-to-day basis, and maybe even inspire you to consider adopting a family friendly pet. Bringing in a veterinarian to speak with students is one of the best ways to introduce them to animal shelters. Hearing the facts from a trusted expert can make them more open to spreading awareness or even volunteering their own time to raise money.

Host an Art Exhibition

Animal shelters are non-profit organizations, meaning that they are always looking to host fundraising events or accept donations. For this reason, another great way for schools to help spread awareness is to involve the students by hosting an art exhibition. The children can create art pieces during their art classes that will be displayed throughout the exhibition. Pieces can be sold individually, or raffled off to help raise money for the local shelter. Not only does the exhibition involve the students and fundraise, it also helps to spread awareness to all of the attendees of the event.

Spreading awareness is an integral part of a shelter’s operation and works towards finding permanent homes for as many of its pets as possible. There are many successful pet adoption stories that give hope to the animals in shelters, made possible, in part, by awareness efforts such as those covered above. If you’re looking for more information about homeless pets, or for ways to get involved, contact the Texas Alliance for Homeless Pets today!

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