How To Help And Support Your Local Animal Shelter

How To Help And Support Your Local Animal Shelter

Helping animal shelters can go a long way towards ending pet overpopulation.

Animal shelters do an invaluable amount to help out the millions of homeless animals all across the country every single day , many of which is all a secret. Many people villainize shelters and blame them not only for the homelessness of animals, but also for the euthanasia of animals.

What you may not know about these helpful shelters is that nearly 6-8 million homeless animals find themselves housed under their care each and every year, and the amazing volunteers and resources of these shelters help to house the animals, feed them, train them, nurse them back to health and even find them a forever home in a member of their local community.

Without these shelters, the large issue of pet overpopulation would be even more out of hand―it would likely be rampant with animals running loose in the streets & starving to death―and millions more animals would find themselves being euthanized due to the lack of homes available to them.

Therefore, it is important that we help out our local animal shelters in any way that we can. This does not necessarily mean taking the time to work one-on-one with the animals or bring a foster pet into your own home (although that is certainly a huge amount of help). You simply need to have the time or desire to lend a helping hand to a local community shelter that is doing amazing things to save millions of lives.

Here are just a few things that you can do to help support your local animal shelter which, in turn, can also find a loving home for the large number of homeless pets in your community:

Help Animals Find A Home

One of the most satisfying things that you can do as an animal lover is help to find a homeless animal a forever home that will love them and care for them. You can do this by helping your local animal shelter spread the word about their adoptable animals. For instance, help take update photos of the pets and write out accurate descriptions of the animals for potential adopting families. You can then post this information online or in local newsletters to help a family discover their new loving friend!

Spread The Word

Help your local animal shelter get the word out about all they are doing to help the homeless pets in your community. This could be through Facebook and other social media outlets, flyers and signs, promoting important events or fundraisers that are coming up for the shelter, or even writing a newsletter that keeps people up to date with the weekly goings-on of the shelter. If you’re not so great with the writing side of things, you could still help by designing and publishing these promotions, or work on creating or updating the mailing list.

Host Fundraising Events

Animal shelters are always looking for donations, as funding is scarce and this is what allows these groups to help more homeless pets that are coming in. Therefore, lend a hand by hosting a fundraiser or outreach event in your local community. Even collecting donations of food, pet supplies or toys from your work or your child’s elementary school can go a long way towards helping out!

How do you help out the local homeless animal shelters in your community? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!


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