How To Create the Perfect Space For Your New Pet

How To Create the Perfect Space For Your New Pet

Looking for a house isn’t an easy process, right? You give your real estate agent a brief description of what you’re looking for, and then venture from house to house picking apart each room. By the time you’ve found ‘the one,’ you (and your real estate agent) realize what you thought you wanted in the beginning isn’t what you really needed at all. Wouldn’t it be easier if someone else just knew exactly what you wanted in advance, and could make it happen?

That’s what pet owners have to be able to do for their pets. Pets can’t easily communicate to their owners what they’re looking for in an ‘abode,’ so it’s up to the owner to do some research and figure out what will matter most for a new pet to feel at home. Here are some helpful hints to consider before you bring your new pet home from the shelter and introduce them to their new space.

Location is Key

Now, a pet may not be looking for the best school district or the perfect spot between downtown and the suburbs, but location is still important to any animal. No pet wants to be stuck in a corner where no one else ever goes. They thrive on love and attention, so a spot that keeps them isolated wouldn’t get any use.

However, pets don’t usually like to be right in the middle of the action, either. Sure, it’s fun when you’re playing with their favorite toy, but being in the center can get old fast. Place their pet beds, blankets, or whatever you’re using to make them feel comfy in a place that’s removed from the action, but still in the circle. What would be the best place in your home for someone to observe the action? Place the pet bed there.

Access to the Facilities

This tip applies mostly to cats, but if you have a doggy door, it’s important for dogs too. Do you like to eat where you take care of business? Didn’t think so. Make sure your pet’s ‘space’ is far removed from where they relieve themselves, so as not to make them sick. If you put them too close together, your pet may take to relieving themselves somewhere you didn’t intend.

A Five-Star Restaurant

The same rule about a pet’s bed being in proximity to the facilities also applies to its food. It’s been said that when you smell something, it’s the molecules sticking to the inside of your noise. You don’t want your pet to have to eat with unpleasant smells…sticking to their nose.

While there are other things to consider when deciding where your pet will stay, these are three most important aspects in ensuring your new pet has a happy home. It’s easy to make your pet feel at home if you just think about the function of each item you’re placing. If you are placing a scratching post, for example, they may not want to use it right after eating, but instead while playing. In that case, place it near an open space you intend to be used for playtime. By putting yourself in your pet’s paws you can make sure they feel comfy and happy in their new home.

Got the pet home all ready but no one to enjoy it? Contact us and we’ll help you adopt a dog or adopt a cat to occupy the new space.

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