How To Adopt A Pet For First Time Owners

How To Adopt A Pet For First Time Owners

What every owner should know before they go to adopt their very first pet.

You’ve done all the research, picked out the ideal size and breed of pet for you, and have begun going over the perfect pet names in your head. All that is left to do now is to go to your local animal adoption shelter and pick out the newest loving member of your family! However, the process of animal adoption has a little more to it than just going in and adopting whichever pet has the cutest smile.

There are actually quite a few steps that you should know about when going to adopt an animal for the first time. To help you get started with adopting your very first shelter pet, here are a few things that every pet owner should prepare for before going in to their local animal shelter:

1. Visit The Shelter Multiple Times

Adopting an animal should never be an impulse decision. A lot of time, love, money and effort goes into being a pet owner and your decision to adopt an animal should weigh all of these factors seriously to make sure that you are ready for that level of commitment. Therefore, if you find that you have fallen in love with an animal at a shelter, go home and sleep on the decision―far away from the irresistible puppy dog eyes. Once your mind is clear, then go back to the shelter to make your final decision.

2. Really Get To Know Your Future Pet

Revisiting an animal shelter to play with your future pet is also beneficial because it allows you to get a better idea of the pet’s behavior and temperament. For instance, the first time you go to a shelter, a pet may be shy and skittish around you. However, you may find that when you return and they recognize you, they become more open and comfortable around you. Give a shelter animal a few visits to show their true colors.

3. Prepare Your Home Beforehand

Once you adopt a pet, they are all yours to house, feed and take care of. Therefore, make sure that your home is adequately prepared for your new family member before you bring them home. This includes a crate or bed, food and water supplies, a leash and collar, toys, any medicine that they may need, and a pet-proofed home they can live safe in.

4. Bring In Any Necessary Paperwork and Identification

Most animal shelters require that you bring in a number of different things in order to complete your adoption, so make sure you call your shelter ahead of time to ensure that you do not forget any important documents. For instance, most shelters ask that you bring in a photo ID, proof that you live in an area that is suitable for pets, a specific method of payment, completed adoption paperwork, etc.

5. Set Up Health Screening With Your Vet

If your animal shelter does not provide a free vet visit (including vaccinations) with your pet adoption, make sure that you schedule your pet for their annual health screening with your veterinarian right away. If your pet is not spayed/neutered, some shelters may even have you sign an agreement saying that you will have these procedures completed in a certain amount of time following your adoption.

For more information about what you can expect when adopting a pet, as well as tips on how to get started with this life-changing process, contact Texas Alliance For Homeless Pets today! We will help walk you through the steps above and find your new pet soul mate.

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