From the Top of the Bookshelf: How You Can Help Texas Animal Shelters from the Recent Floods

From the Top of the Bookshelf: How You Can Help Texas Animal Shelters from the Recent Floods

Hi internet friends, it’s Patra! Remember the terrible storms we had and all that rain we got recently? Due to getting so much rain there was a lot of flooding, and while the ground needs water, it did more damage than good—especially to our animal shelters. The flooding didn’t just give the animal shelters an unsuitable environment, but animals ran away from their homes confused and scared by the flooding and shelters have had an increase in animals that arrived at the shelters. So they’ve turned to the people of Texas for help, asking for people to open their homes and hearts to animals in need. Our animal shelters still need your help, and here’s how you can!


The best thing that all shelter animals need is their forever home. With the flooding that just happened, adoption is the perfect solution. Some shelters were offering free adoption in order to find more arrangements for their shelter animals. Check out your local animal shelters to see if they are promoting any discounts on adoption due to the recent floods. Our shelter animals need you now more than ever.


If you’re unsure if you want to adopt a shelter animal yet, you can always consider fostering. By fostering, you would be taking in a shelter animal for the time being until someone decides to adopt them. Not just that, but right now if you decide to foster, you would be one of many that are helping these animals by taking them out of their flooded homes. Recently more and more people have been stepping up to adopt and foster shelter animals that were affected by the flooding.


Many of the shelters have so much bacteria and mosquitos in them from the flooding, which is why they’re not suitable for the shelter animals. Some have already gotten the shelters cleaned up and reopened, while others may be struggling to get the shelters cleaned as quickly as they can. Contact your local animal shelters and ask if they are still trying to recover from the recent floods. If they are, ask if you can lend a hand and volunteer to help clean up the shelter.

Find Owners

Some shelters started posting pictures on social media of displaced animals they have received due to the flooding, and they’re posting these to try and find the previous owners. Check out the pictures on social media and if you know of anyone who had their pet(s) go missing during this time, you might be able to track them down!

Sign a Petition

There are some petitions online you can sign urging Texas Governor, Greg Abbott, to send more help to animal shelters that were affected by the flooding.


Donating money to local animal shelters can help them buy more supplies to clean up the shelters from what was left behind due to flooding.

Please consider adopting or fostering a shelter pet during this time of need! If not, try to get as involved as you can with helping our local animal shelters; any form of help is better than none.

If you are interested in how you can become more involved in helping out our furry friends in need, please contact us.

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