From the Top of the Bookshelf: Becoming a Foster Parent

From the Top of the Bookshelf: Becoming a Foster Parent

Hi friends, it’s Patra! I really love the month of June; my human can bring in fresh flowers from our backyard and they fill our home with a sweet scent. They’re also so pretty to look at, the colors are mesmerizing!

One thing that has been on my mind a lot this month is pet fostering. It’s such a great way to help my furry friends find their forever home, plus it’s a great way to open your arms and welcome something new to your home. Like flowers, pets can fill your home with love and open the door to your heart.

If fostering may seem like a daunting task, we’re here to help. Pet fostering is actually such a rewarding experience and usually once someone fosters one pet, they usually wind up fostering even more because it feels so good helping animals in need. Here are some tips for those who are interested in fostering, and for those who already foster!

Why Consider Pet Fostering?

If you want to open your home up to a four-legged friend, but you’re not ready for the commitment of adopting, fostering is the perfect solution. While fostering is a temporary situation, you’re helping that animal prepare for its adoptive family (which may also happen to be you!). One statistic shows that 61% of people said if their local animal shelter had a fostering program, they would become pet fostering parents. Check with your local animal shelter to see if there is a fostering program (a lot of shelters give support to foster parents).

Keep the Big Picture in Mind

While it’s normal to be concerned with whether you’ll be attached to your foster pet, it’s best to keep your foster pet’s best interests in mind, and your original ones as well. Fostering is one of the most beneficial ways for animals to spend their “in-between time” from a local animal shelter to a home. Your ultimate goal then is to get them ready for their new home. But you can help out in bigger ways than you probably think. You can ask your local shelter if you can help market your foster pet, ensuring they will be placed in a loving home, plus you can help find the right adoptive parents for your foster pet so you’ll be reassured your foster pet will be in good hands.

Like I said, keep your foster pet’s best interests in mind (being adopted to a loving home), but keep your best interests in mind as well. People become foster parents for pets because they want to help make a positive impact on a homeless animal’s life. Once you help one out, you can help more. You will be performing a selfless act and helping animals out in a larger way than you can imagine, plus you’re helping to decrease the number of animals that are in shelters.

How to Let Go of Your Foster Pet

The time will eventually come where you’ll be notified that a family is interested in adopting your foster pet. For some people this stage of fostering causes anxiety because of the attachment they have to their foster pet. 20% of foster parents decide to adopt their furry friend at this stage because they never noticed the attachment they had before!

But for others they are prepared to send their foster pet onto their next stage of life with their forever home. For those who are doing this, it’s best to always remember that while they are going with their new family, you can help out another animal in need find their forever home as well. You can also ask for updates from your foster pet’s new family on how they’re doing—go visit them as well!

Tax Deductible

Did you know pet fostering is tax deductible? Most expenses qualify as services rendered to a 501(c)(3) organization, and those expenses include medical bills, pet supplies and gas money. Make sure to keep all receipts in order to document your expenses.

Surely you don’t need more convincing than that! Fostering is a wonderful experience, plain and simple. Interested in becoming a foster parent? Please contact us for more information.

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