From the End of the Leash: Tips to Keep Your Pets Safe This Summer

From the End of the Leash: Tips to Keep Your Pets Safe This Summer

Hi friends, Tiberus here! We can all feel the dog-days of summer, and like you, I love the summertime. It gives me more time to go outside so I can play and have fun with my human, but there are precautions my human takes to make sure I can stay safe all summer long. Here are some tips on how to keep your pets safe this summer:

Don’t leave your pet in a parked car
If you may be running into the store to grab something quick, the thought may cross your mind to leave your pet in your car for that brief moment you will be gone. While this seems like an easy solution, it will actually harm your tail-wagging friend. By leaving your pet in a parked car, they run a high risk of dehydration and heat stroke. If you think your pet is suffering from a heat stroke or heat exhaustion, take your pet into a shaded area and apply a damp towel to its neck, back, and chest. Call your vet as soon as you can.

The weather in summer is great for being outdoors, but when it comes to exercising your pet, you will need to check a few things first. In the heat it’s recommended to take your pet for walks/jogs during early morning or late evening since it’ll be cooler then, plus check the pavement with your bare feet to ensure the pavement won’t be too warm. Why? The pads on your pets’ feet are sensitive and if the pavement is too hot, they can burn their foot pads.

Just like humans, us pets can sunburn too. Before you take your pet outside, apply a sunscreen that’s made for your pet. If you have a light-haired or short-haired dog, keep an eye on their skin since they are more prone to sunburn. Key places to apply sunscreen are the back, nose, tips of the ears, and around the mouth. If your pet does happen to get sunburn, apply a coat of aloe vera to the affected area twice a day.

Ticks, mosquitos, flies, and many other bugs can pester your pet with bites. To keep your pet safe, you can buy pet-friendly repellant. You should also contact your vet about any special collars, shampoos, or sprays.

Make sure during the summer months that your pet is always hydrated—always give them plenty of water. Keep water bowls inside and outside, and make sure that its fresh water. Wet dog food helps increase their water intake, so that’s a good option as well.

Fireworks can look like a fun toy to a dog, but they contain many poisonous chemicals that will cause more harm than fun for your dog. Keep your dog at a safe distance from fireworks if any are outside, and if they are in your garage, put them in a safe place.

By taking precautions, your furry friend will surely have a great summer! Want to add more to the fun? Consider adopting or fostering a pet. If you are interested, please contact us for more information.

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