From the End of the Leash: The Importance of Spaying and Neutering Your Pets

From the End of the Leash: The Importance of Spaying and Neutering Your Pets

Hi all, this is Tiberus. One of the largest problems animal shelters are facing is the problem of overpopulation. This problem continues to “grow” every day, but I’m here to talk to you about a simple solution to that problem—spaying and neutering your pets. Bob Barker always reminded everyone to spay and neuter their pets, and I’m here to do just the same.

Spaying and Neutering Facts

Spaying is the removal of female reproductive organs, and neutering is the removal of male reproductive organs. By removing these organs, you can help decrease the problem of overpopulation. Out of the 7 million animals that enter animal shelters every year, about half of those animals will be euthanized. If more animals would be spayed or neutered, less would have to enter shelters, and more innocent lives will be saved.

To put this all into perspective, if you take 1 male dog and 1 female dog (both not spayed or neutered), over the course of 6 years their offspring can produce 67,000 offspring. But if the male and female dog were spayed and neutered, there wouldn’t be 67,000 extra dogs added to the problem of overpopulation.

Spaying and Neutering—Good for Your Pet’s Health

Statistics show that pets live longer when they are spayed or neutered—male dogs’ lifespans are increased by 18% and female dogs’ lifespans are increased by 23%. There are even more health benefits than just living longer. Male dogs that are neutered have a decreased risk of prostate cancer and the risk of testicular cancer is completely diminished. Females have a reduced risk of breast cancer and the risk of uterine and ovarian cancers are completely eliminated. By spaying and neutering you are helping to prevent fatal diseases in your four-legged friend’s life.

Spaying and Neutering—Improved Behavior

When you spay/neuter your pets, you are eliminating many unwanted behavioral actions. Most pets when they have the procedure done tend to be more affectionate towards people. If you’re tired of smelly odors from your pets claiming their territory in your home, that will be eliminated by spaying/neutering (up to 90% of marking problems will be reduced). If you have female cats, the cycle of “pre-heat” will be gone so you won’t have to worry about them being nervous and crying, plus no more bleeding.

Aggressive behavior will also be decreased in pets; the likelihood of biting is lessened significantly. Plus, your pets will be less likely to roam so you won’t have to constantly worry about your pet running away and not being able to find them.

Spaying and Neutering—Cost Efficient

Many may worry about the cost of having this procedure done, but don’t fret. When looking at expenses on raising a single pet for an entire year (think of this single pet as one offspring from your pet) versus the cost of the spaying/neutering procedure, it’s actually cheaper to have the procedure done. If you’re worried about being able to afford the procedure still, look to see if there is an Emancipet nearby. Emancipet is a spay and neuter clinic that strives to eliminate the problem of overpopulation by providing spaying and neutering services to communities where this service isn’t already offered. Even if a pet owner might not be able to afford the service, Emancipet will ensure that the procedure can still be done.

Please consider spaying or neutering your pets if you haven’t already done so. The problem of overpopulation is one that can be controlled by spaying and neutering. Think of the thousands of animals you will be saving from euthanization.

If you have any questions about spaying and neutering, please contact us.

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