How Can I Make A Donation?

By donating to The Texas Alliance for Homeless Pets, we can assure you easy and efficient philanthropy with minimal effort as we handle the tax and administrative details. We will also help you select the best possible philanthropic fund associated with our organization for your charitable goals. We collect resources and assess community needs so that we have a clear idea of what needs attention and the best way to maximize funds. Throughout the entire process, we provide personal attention to both the donor and the field of animal wellness.

Please contact us for more information on donating.



I’m Confused. How Does Pegasus, Beam Foundation, Texas Alliance for Homeless Pets and the Coalition all Tie Together?

The Beam Foundation is a not for profit 501c3 founded by Ken and Darla Beam with generous support from friends, family and the Pegasus Logistics team to support philanthropic efforts.  The Beam Foundation has seen a need to give a voice to the voiceless and that is our current mission.  It will realize it’s goal by the creation of Texas Alliance for Homeless Pets and will achieve every pet having a happy healthy home.

Can I Sign Up For Volunteer Work?

By volunteering within the animal welfare community, you are playing a part in keeping every animal safe and happy. Your time keeps animals off the street and stops needless pain and suffering.

Please take time to fill out this simple and quick form and we will help you find the best type of volunteering for your life and interests.