The Texas Alliance for Homeless Pets depends on donations from the community, and each donation makes a difference in the lives of animals. But donations don’t just contribute to the greater good of the community…they change the donor as well.

By becoming a donor, you have the opportunity to support an important cause that you feel is important directly to you or your loved ones.  Whatever the cause, by donating to a nonprofit organization like ours, you are directly helping to remedy the problem at hand.

Another benefit of donating to a nonprofit organization is the impact it will have on your life and the feeling of satisfaction you will have by being a part of the change you want to see.

One financial benefit of donating to a non-profit organization is the tax deduction associated with donating. By donating you can see a slight reduction in your own income taxes because you are able to deduct the amount you donated to an Internal Revenue Service-approved charity.

By donating to The Texas Alliance for Homeless Pets, we can assure you easy and efficient philanthropy with minimal effort as we handle the tax and administrative details. We will also help you select the best possible philanthropic fund associated with our organization for your charitable goals. We collect resources and assess community needs so that we have a clear idea of what needs attention and the best way to maximize funds. Throughout the entire process, we provide personal attention to both the donor and the field of animal wellness.

Please donate now or contact us for more information on donating.