Creative Ways To Help Homeless Pets

Creative Ways To Help Homeless Pets

Sometimes, it can be discouraging when our efforts to help homeless pets don’t seem to make much of a dent in the problem. One person can only adopt so many pets from a shelter, and most of us aren’t wealthy enough to donate significant amounts of money to help out.

But just because we can’t adopt every single animal that needs a home, or give massive checks to every animal welfare organization we can find, doesn’t mean we can’t help out in other ways that are just as meaningful. All it takes is a little creativity, and the gift of your time and talent.

Help Local Shelters Get the Supplies They Need

Don’t have the funds to buy too many of the supplies on your local shelter’s wish list? No problem! Use your connections and your persuasive abilities to hold a supply drive. Ask family and friends to donate their old towels or blankets, or throw a block party, and ask each guest to bring something from your shelter’s list.

Use Your Talents and Skills to Support Your Shelter

Maybe you’re a carpenter extraordinaire, or an amazing seamstress. Or maybe you’ve got strong bookkeeping or graphic design skills. Whatever your talents, put them to good use by offering your services to your local shelter, free of charge. You’d be surprised at the wide range of specialized skills needed to run a shelter effectively, from community outreach to fundraising to administrative duties to animal care.

Spend Some Time Grooming and Training Shelter Pets

Think about it – if you present a family with two dogs, one with messy, matted fur, and the other perfectly groomed, right down to the little bow or bandana, which one do you think they’ll choose? The well-groomed one will win out every time. That’s why spending some time grooming pets at your local shelter can be so helpful in finding them homes. Training works the same way – a family is much more likely to adopt a dog that understands and obeys commands, rather than one they’ll have to train themselves.

Adopt a Shelter Worker

You may not be able to adopt another pet, but you can adopt one – or all – of the employees at your local shelter! Shelter workers have a tough job, and often don’t get paid very much to do it. A little appreciation can go a long way towards improving their day. A gesture as simple as writing a thank you note or baking cookies for the team can really make a difference. And if you’re inspired to go even further, you could use your talents to say thank you, as well. If you’re a hairdresser, give your adopted worker a free haircut; if you’re a massage therapist, give free massages. You could even collect gift cards from local businesses to present to them as a thank you from the entire community.

By thinking out of the box just a little bit, it’s easy to find countless ways to help homeless pets, even if you don’t have the space to adopt another pet, or the money to make a large donation. And you know what? Sometimes it’s the creative, heartfelt efforts like these that make the biggest difference, in the end.

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