Cat Toys to go Wild for

Cat Toys to go Wild for

So you want to play a game with Fluffy? Unless you have kitten toys, it can be hard to entice your cat to play a game with you. They will sit there, staring at you, seemingly thinking, “Oh, yeah? What’s in it for me?” With the right toy though, you can start new games with almost any cat, both for your enjoyment and theirs! So now you’re probably asking yourself, “What are the best cat toys?”

Laser pointer

It is the subject of many kitty memes and conversations. If you don’t have a cat laser toy, you should get one now. There’s just something about a moving red dot that can’t be caught that keeps a cat chasing it. Maybe it’s something in a cat’s brain; maybe is the age-old game of hard-to-get. Either way, it can be hilariously fun for both you and your fluffy friend to spend an afternoon playing catch the red dot.


While this may be less interactive, it can be fun to just watch your cat play in cardboard boxes. Cut an opening in the top for them to get in and out, and a couple of kitty windows on the sides. Your cat will be sure to showcase its silly antics with a new home to explore. Before presenting your cat with their new abode, make sure the box is clear of any packing peanuts or pieces that could easily fall off. You want to make sure this new home is “kitty proof” and he or she won’t eat anything that could harm them.

Feather wand

If you’re ready to tap into your cat’s natural instincts, the feather wand is the perfect way to do it. The feather wand resembles a bird, and most cats will automatically go on the hunt. Move the feathers around on the ground and be amused by your cat suddenly knowing how to stalk and pounce on his or her prey. Make sure to allow your cat to catch it every once in a while. It will build their confidence and keep them playing. A single feather also works along the same lines, just make sure it’s rather large so you can keep your hand out of the way, and buy it from a store that sells other pet toys. If you don’t, you won’t know for sure that it’s not an actual bird feather that could get your cat sick.

Ping-Pong balls

If you don’t have a lot of time to devote to playing with your cat, a Ping-Pong ball can be fun for them. Because the ball is so light, one swat from your cat will send it flying and continue the game. Just make sure to stay out of the line of fire, because nothing will stop a determined kitty.

Tapping into your cat’s natural instincts can be fun, and this playtime also deepens the bond between you and your cat. Don’t be discouraged if the first toy you try doesn’t do it for them; just like people, different cats like different things. Once you finally crack the code and find your perfect cat toy, take some pictures or even a video and head on over to our Facebook page and post it! We’d love to spend some time watching your funny cat videos too!


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