Buy Breeder: The Positive Side Of Dog Breeding No One Talks About

Buy Breeder: The Positive Side Of Dog Breeding No One Talks About

The truth about dog breeding you’ve probably never heard before.

The term “dog breeder” often carries with it a very negative connotation. Most popular media outlets often drive home the message that, when it comes to adopting an animal, all shelters are good and all breeders are bad. “If you cared anything about animals, you wouldn’t even consider adopting from a breeder. They’re just as bad as pet stores!” However, this statement isn’t exactly true.

Despite the bad rap that dog breeders have received over the years, there many breeders who care strongly and as passionately about the health and wellness of their animals. However, even though they provide many families with some of the strongest, healthiest, most intelligent pets available to those who are looking to adopt, they are often called “hobby breeders” or “animal hoarders” by animal rights groups who want to paint these individuals in a bad light.

Today, we are uncovering the truth behind dog breeders and the positive side of “backyard breeding” that many animal rights groups do not want you to hear about.

Rigorous Selection Means Satisfied Owners

Many pet breeders will often only breed dogs who are the best of the best when it comes to genetics, health, temperament and pedigree. While they do sometimes produce puppies who do not fit the “top shelf” results they are looking for in order to raise them as future breeding dogs, these animals still live up to great standards and are adopted out to a family who will love them and provide them with a forever home.

Puppies that come from breeders will also often have a very high chance of finding a forever home when they are adopted, due to the immense intelligence, incomparable natural ability and superb disposition that they possess.

Breeding Often Makes For Healthier Pets

When you breed nine or ten generations of perfect pedigree pets with outstanding health and conformation, you are setting yourself up for an extraordinarily healthy pet. In fact, dogs that come from a long line of breeding often are less likely to become injured, less likely to wear out or develop arthritis as they age, and better equipped to deal with extreme climate and weather changes.

In fact, John Yates, member of the American Sporting Dog Alliance even found that he had virtually eliminated genetic health problems from his strain of English setters.

“Hip dysplasia is the most common genetic problem in English setters, afflicting a reported four-percent of the breed,” he reported. “In the past 20 years, I have had only two questionable hip x-rays, which both would be rated ‘fair’ by the Orthopedic Foundation of America (OFA). The last one was 10 years ago.”

Dog Breeders Are Rarely “Rolling In The Dough”

Many animal rights activists claim that the sole reason people choose to become dog breeders is because the large amount of money that can come with the occupation. However, it is very rare for a dog breeder to bring in bushels of money from selling puppies. In fact, many times it actually costs them money to do what they do, due to the cost of dog food, vet bills, kennel licenses, training, advertising, housing, etc.

According to Yates, “For every puppy I sell, there is another one that I keep to evaluate, and a couple of other ones that I am keeping for two or three years to evaluate for their worthiness to breed. Then there are dogs that are in competition, and that costs bushels of money, not to mention old dogs that are retired and have a home here until they die of old age.”

The claim that dog breeders are bringing in boat loads of money isn’t necessarily true. Very rarely does a breeder make a significant amount of money on a litter of puppies. So, why do they do it? For the love of the animals, of course.

To find out more about pet adoption through both shelters and breeders, contact Texas Alliance For Homeless Pets today! We can help walk you through the process and decide which method of adoption is best for you.


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