Beam Foundation

Ken & Darla Beam The Beam Foundation is a nonprofit organization created by Ken and Darla Beam. The couple formed the foundation, for the sole purpose of touching the lives of others through philanthropy. Through the foundation others are able to participate in philanthropic activities that change the world.

Throughout the years, The Beam Foundation has raised money for organizations such as The American Lung Association and Jonathan’s Place, and worthy causes like Back on My Feet. Since conception, The Beam Foundation has donated over $500,000.

The history of The Beam Foundation is also its future, and the focus has always been on helping others make a difference in the world around them. Ken, owner and founder of Pegasus Logistics Group, a worldwide logistics and transportation company, lived with philanthropic passion in such a way his employees took notice.  In 2004, Ken’s employees and their families created a silent auction with the intent to change the world around them. The fundraising brought in $35,000, which was donated to The American Lung Association, and a group of people that realized what a powerful impact a small group can make with the right vision.

Ken and Darla created The Beam Foundation in 2005 and hosted the first annual golf tournament and auction raising $70,000.

The Beam Foundation