Are You Ready To Be A Pet Owner?

Are You Ready To Be A Pet Owner?

It’s easy to see why people want pets- they’re cuddly, loyal, cute, and oftentimes silly. All of these traits can easily brighten someone’s life. But if you’ve never owned a cat or dog before, it can be quite the culture shock to dive right into being a pet owner. You might not even know if you’re a cat or dog person yet! There are many things to consider before becoming an official pet owner. If you want to be sure you’re ready to be a pet parent, consider our suggestions below.

Think about why you want a pet in the first place. Are you getting a pet because you just couldn’t turn down those puppy dog or kitty cat eyes at the shelter? Or simply to quiet your kids’ constant begging for a pet? Your reason needs to be a bit deeper than that. After all, a pet ends up being involved in your family’s life, and could be with you anywhere from 10-20 years. It’s not something to take lightly.

Can you afford a pet? Between spaying and neutering your pet, shots, surprise vet visits, food, collars, classes, grooming, toys, and other miscellaneous items for your pet, expenses can easily add up over the years. Be aware of this especially if you plan on getting more than one pet.

Do you have time for a pet? Depending on your job, lifestyle, and even personality, you might consider if you have the spare time that’s needed to ensure a happy and healthy pet. Are you a student? Frequent traveler? Work lots of over time? Parent with young children who take up much of your time? If so, you might reconsider adopting a pet until you have more time on your hands. Pets need frequent exercise, care, and companionship for them to thrive.

Do you think you’ll be a responsible pet owner? There are many, sometimes expensive, situations that will arise when having and caring for your pet.  Having them spayed or neutered to combat pet overpopulation, being aware or leash and licensing laws, and having correct and recent ID tags are just some of the challenges and rules pet owners must abide by. If you feel you can’t keep up with these responsibilities, owning a pet might be something you want to think on for a little while.

Have you researched what type of pet would best fit your lifestyle or living accommodations? You need to be sure you can have a pet without running into problems or troubles from a landlord or renter. Besides that, it’s important to make sure your living arrangements make sense for the type of pet you get. If you get an excitable or highly energetic dog, for instance, you don’t want to have it cooped up in a tiny apartment or house all day. Choose an animal or breed that best fits your situation.

Consider these situations and take these questions to heart before adopting your cat or dog, and be sure to visit The Texas Alliance For Homeless Pets for when making your final decision.

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