Animals Best Friend: The Benefits Of Pet Adoption For Older Adults

Animals Best Friend: The Benefits Of Pet Adoption For Older Adults

Adopting a pet can have major health and lifestyle benefits for seniors.

Adopting an animal from a rescue center or pet shelter can have a large impact on both the animals life and the life of the person who is adopting them. An adopted pet is not only your furry friend for life that will bring brightness and joy into your daily routine, but they are also some of the most thankful, appreciative pets you will ever meet, as you are saving them from a life of homelessness and uncertainty.

However, while an adopted pet will no doubt have a positive effect on any home that takes them in, they can actually bring many additional health and lifestyle benefits specifically to older individuals.

Pets can not only provide senior citizens with endless entertainment and a sense daily purpose, but many studies have also shown that being a pet owner and interacting with animals regularly can improve the health of seniors and help them live longer, more enjoyable lives.  Plus, more than anything, pets can act as a great support system for older individuals who may not have the daily companionship of nearby family and friends.

Older individuals who are pet owners have also been found be more active, have better overall health and cope better with the common stressors that many deal with in their second half of life. In fact, a study in 1997 showed that seniors who owned pets even had significantly lower blood pressure overall than those who lived without animals.

However, for seniors who are thinking of adopting a new pet into their home to keep them active and bring them some company, it is important to evaluate whether or not you may be ready for the commitment and responsibility that comes with bringing any animal into your home, no matter what your age may be.

For instance, pet’s can sometimes restrict your daily activities in the same way that young children can. Retired seniors who have the freedom and ability to travel may need to find a reliable pet sitter or how their travels can accommodate their new family member. Pets will incur additional expense, which can be an issue for older individuals who live on limited income. It may be a good idea to do some research on the internet, talk to friends or find a vet to discuss this in advance.

Despite these considerations, shelter animals are still a wonderful source of companionship for seniors and can greatly benefit your life if you are able to consider in advance the responsibility that they require.

To find out more about animal adoption today and how you can save the life of a local homeless animal in your community, contact Texas Alliance For Homeless Pets today. We can walk you through the steps of shelter adoption, as well as answer any questions you may have about the benefits that adoption can have for both you and the pet that you adopt.


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