Animal Adoption: Tips For Preparing Your Home For Your New Pet

Animal Adoption: Tips For Preparing Your Home For Your New Pet

How to make sure your home is in tip top shape for your new family member.

Any time you bring a new animal into your home, it can be a very exciting and heart-warming event. Especially if you have taken the steps to save a homeless pet and adopt from an animal shelter, you are not only adding a new member to your family, but you are also giving an animal a forever home that they might not have had otherwise. You are giving them a place to feel safe and loved―something that they had only dreamed of before!

However, adopting an animal is no small undertaking, especially if you are adopting a younger pet who still needs some training. Just as when you bring a human baby home, there are certain things that you need to do to pet-proof your home and ensure that it is a safe, welcoming environment for them.

An untrained kitten or puppy can easily turn a tidy home into quite the mess if you are not paying attention. Plus, taking the extra steps to prepare your home for your pet will also ensure that your new family member does not get into anything that is special to you or, even worse, dangerous or hazardous to them.

To help you ensure that your house is in tip top shape for your new furry family member, we have put together these simple steps for preparing your home for your new pet:

Get Down To Their Level

While it may seem like everything in your house has been tidied up and you have picked up all of the stray belongings off of the floor, you need to get down to your pet’s level to truly get a good grasp of what they could get into. For instance, children’s toys or action figures that have fallen under the couch or behind the cabinet may be out of sight to you. However, these are in prime playing spots for a curious cat or dog. Also, make sure that there are no stray wires floating around your electronics. It can be very dangerous for your pets to get their teeth on these devices.

Establish Household Rules Before Hand

Before bringing your new pet into your home, you should first sit down as a family to establish where you want to be and what places are off limits. For instance, will your pet be allowed up on the furniture? Will they sleep with you or have their own bed? Will they have their own set place for a crate at night? Be sure that everyone agrees on these rules and agrees to enforce them so there is no confusion for both you and the pet.

Purchase The Necessities

Make sure that you have all of your pet’s necessities set in place before you bring them home; this way you can spend more time together and not have to worry about running back and forth to the pet store. For instance, make sure that you have proper food and water bowls, an identification tag, toys for your pet to play with, a grooming kit, teething toys for young pets, a leash and any food and vitamins that your pet may need.

Bringing a new pet into your home is a special time for everyone involved. However, make sure that you follow these important tips above to make sure that your home is nice and welcoming for your new family member.


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