Animal Adoption: 4 Simple Steps To Prepare For Your New Friend

Animal Adoption: 4 Simple Steps To Prepare For Your New Friend

Bringing home a new fuzzy friend, or even not so fuzzy, is a big decision. All the planning that it takes before bringing a new pet home and into your life often causes people who may be interested in adopting to shy away for fear they may not be ready for the commitment. However, there isn’t any need to worry.  Use this handy checklist to help you cover the details and alleviate some stress before adopting a new pet that will help you to know when you’re ready:

1. Make sure everyone you live with is okay with a new animal

There’s nothing like the love of a dog when you get home from work or waking up with your new kitty snuggled up next to you, but these simple pleasures may be less appreciated by those taken by surprise. If you live with roommates, family members or really anyone else, make sure you sit down and talk with them about your new pet before you make the adoption. This way, each party will welcome the new roomie with open arms instead of packing their bags.

Not only should you talk to those you live with, but if you’re living in an apartment or don’t own your home, make sure you talk to your landlord about their policies on pets. There’s nothing worse than falling in love with your new friend only to learn they can’t stay.

2. Buy the necessary supplies

There’s nothing like bringing home a hungry new snake or hamster and realizing you don’t have anything to feed them. Do research ahead of time to make sure you know what kind of food is best for your specific type, breed and age of animal and then go out and buy a small amount of that food. Some pets can be very picky, so buying a small amount will help you hone in on what they like, without being stuck with pounds of puppy chow you’re never going to use.

If you’re getting an animal that will need to be bathed often, find out the right kind of shampoo. Just make sure you know exactly what you’re new pet is going to need so you’re prepared before you need it.

3. Buy or make your pet a space of his or her own

This doesn’t mean prepare a full room in your house for them or go spend hundreds of dollars on the newest kitty condo (unless you want to), but a pet in a new environment needs a place to feel safe. If you’re getting an animal that stays in a tank or a cage, make sure you put it in a place that’s has some quiet time and isn’t easily tipped over. If you’re bringing home an animal like a dog or a cat, decide whether it will stay mainly inside or outside and then make a pallet with a couple of pillows away from the center of attention. This way, your pet will have a place to watch the goings-on of your home while adjusting instead of being thrown into the mix, which is likely to scare them.

4. Research vets nearby

When adopting a new animal, it is important to make sure you visit a vet soon after adoptions to make sure they’re in tip-top shape and up-to-date on their shots. This would also be a good time to talk to your vet about micro chipping if you’re adopting a pet you anticipate will be spending a lot of time outdoors.

Give yourself a pat on the back! If you’ve gotten to the end of this list you’ve made the necessary decisions and had the conversations that will make your transition to becoming a pet owner flawless. At this point, you’re ready. Now visit our website or Facebook page to find out how to adopt one of these creatures and leave us a comment after their first day home!

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