A Royal Decree on Dogs and Winter Clothes

A Royal Decree on Dogs and Winter Clothes

Hello, humans, this is your pedigreed friend Tiberius! Have you ever heard the story of the emperor’s new clothes? It’s about a royal who is told that he can be made a custom suit invisible to anyone who is bad at his job, lazy, or ignorant. When he parades in front of his subjects, one cries out, “But he isn’t wearing anything at all!” The crowd is forced to agree that no, none of them can see the outfit.


This story strikes a chord with me, because I too am royal and better than most. Also, my human likes to dress me in outfits as well. I used to think it was foolish to put a sweater on a dog, but now I realize that it’s actually just another way to show off my superiority and to stay healthy in the cooler months.


A royal dog never stops educating himself, and I’ve also learned in my research that apparently, some dogs do need to wear clothes during the winter time.


PetMD says that short-haired dogs and small dogs like French bulldogs and Chihuahuas always need warm winter attire. They get cold easily, and that can cause medical problems like excessive shivering, anxiety, lethargy, and even hypothermia. Canines with compromised immune systems should wear warm clothes during all of the icy months to protect them. These dogs include elders, puppies, and dogs with heart or liver issues.


Low-slung breeds like Dachshunds and Corgis should also wear coats when it’s snowing, since their bellies are more likely to touch the icy ground.


Who doesn’t need a fashionable attire? Long-haired breeds and big dogs like Huskies, Saint Bernards, German Shepherds all have thick, downy coats that keep them warm. Adding a synthetic coat will only make them too toasty and is unnecessary. No matter what size or age your dog, if you dress him in a coat, watch for overheating. The signs are excessive panting, scratching at the clothes, and lack of enthusiasm or energy when the jacket is on.


Other ways to keep your pup warm this fall and winter:

  • Keep her ears dry
  • Upgrade to thicker bedding
  • Indulge in a pawdicures. Trim the hair on the paws so it doesn’t get wet and freeze; rinse and clean her feet after every walk to remove ice, salt, and chemicals.
  • Water helps regulate temperature, and more layers means a greater need for liquid.
  • Groom and brush regularly so his fuller coat will grow in. This also stimulates blood circulation.
  • Feed your dog an extra helping or two—she needs more calories to stay warm, especially if playing outside.
  • Our friends at PetSmart have NFL jerseys, hoodies, and fashionable ski parkas for your pet. I especially adore the argyle sweaters and preppy Martha Stewart line.


In my research, I also found some human clothes for you to wear this fall. I, in my infinite wisdom, know that they’d look fantastic layered with sweaters, scarves, and coats this fall and winter. After all, style isn’t just for the handsome dog, is it?


Tiberius’ picks for the human who wants to step up their style with dog-themed clothing:


Toddler boys’ dog tee – Target, $9.99

boys toddler dog shirt


“I’d rather be hangin’ with my dog” tank – Etsy, $20

all i need is my dog


Men’s “ADOPT” tee – Etsy, $24.00

adopt tee

Plus Size Skater Dress in Sausage Dog print, $46.00, ASOS

asos sausage dog dress


Unisex hoodie – Society6





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