A Holiday Gift Guide for Your Furry Friend

A Holiday Gift Guide for Your Furry Friend

Ho-ho-hello humans! Your favorite dog Tiberius here. This holiday season, treat your best friend to only the highest quality items, listed here by yours truly. I’ve rounded up some of my favorite gifts for dogs—and cats—that will guarantee tons of slobbery kisses and warm cuddles on Christmas Day.

  1. Two Sisters Bakery Organic Dog Treats
    These artisan (the only type of treat I’ll eat) organic dog treats
    are made with only 100% human grade ingredients like organic oatmeal, organic barley flour, bananas, apples, oranges, and eggs. They come in a variety of delicious flavors like Nutty Buddies, a peanut butter flavor; Sweeties Rewards, a sweet potato and cranberry flavor; and Blueberry Crunchies, a blueberry coconut flavor. You want to give your pooch the best, right?
  2. New Pet Tag
    Subject your pet the royal treatment and bedazzle your pet’s collar with a new personalized tag. I dug up one from The Made Stampersthat is made from materials like brass, nickel, or copper. Or for fancier dogs like myself, opt for one that has jewels around the edge. Pick a design that showcases their personality or pedigree.
  3. BarkBox
    Give your pooch to only the best toys and treats around. BarkBoxincludes four to six all-natural dog treats and innovative toys. Select a BarkBox that best suits your dog’s size (mine is the Big & Bold). Each month will be like Christmas for them. Don’t forget to Pupgrade and get them an extra toy in each box!
  4. Catnip Tacos
    Present your feline companion with a fiesta! Made from eco-friendly felt, these catnip taco toysare filled with potent, organic catnip. These are available in veggie or cheese. Other food options include a sushi shrimp or a festive iced sugar cookie with yellow, light pink, or dark pink icing.
  5. Dog Collar: Bowtie or Flower
    Instead of a new ID tag, consider a chic collar update. Your best friend will always be party ready (like me) with a fancy tartan bowtie collar. Secure a matching collarfor his ladylove, decorated with red felt flower. These two will be the bark of the ball—that is, until I arrive.
  6. Dog Hoodie
    Keep your furry friend warm with a hoodie. Available in all sizes, colors, and designs, these hoodies will give them a cool vibe during the wintry weather. There are also specialty hoodies for the different holidays or special events like weddings! I’m asking Santa Paws for a deep purple one this year, because purple is the color of royalty (which I am).
  7. Tabby Tassel Tamer
    Your tabby buddy will love chasing this tassel tamer. Made with eco-felt and bound with a study leather cord, the tamer will bring out their inner lion as they attempt to pounce their felted prey. It’s available in pink, orange, purple and teal, so you can pick your feline’s favorite color.
  8. Dog Treat Launcher
    As a member of the purebred society, I need to maintain my physique—I am a representative, after all, and one of their more famous members. This treat launcher provides exercise, entertainment, and eatingall in one! Load small treats into the storage compartment, pull the trigger, and the spring-loaded system catapults the treat into the air!
  9. Cat Scratcher
    Give your cat something to scratch about. This royal treatment cat scratcheris not only emblazoned with royal symbols but is made out of renewable resources. It also has two tunnels for fun and exploring. It also comes with a pouch of catnip. I don’t understand why cats love it so much. I’m more of a filet mignon man myself.
  10. Catit Senses 2.0 Wellness Center
    Make every day a spa day by pampering your cat with the Catit Senses 2.0 Wellness Center. It has a variety of brushes with various textures and ridges to massage the cat and help it relax. One attachment is a gum stimulator and another is a ripple massager. It can also be sprayed with catnip for a truly tranquil experience!

What do you think of my list? Don’t tell me because I already know—It’s doggone grand! When your friend opens it up on Christmas Day and barks or meows with joy, just know that I did all the work. I’ll expect your thank you gift the next day. Merry Christmas!

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