6 Simple Ways to Help Out Your Local Animal Shelter

6 Simple Ways to Help Out Your Local Animal Shelter

Here are some ideas to give your local shelter a boost this summer.

Animal shelters are amazing facilities that are always working hard to help countless animals. They often do this with limited funds and resources, and rely on people just like you to help them achieve their goals. Getting to know your local animal shelters and rescue groups can be an incredibly rewarding experience. Here are some ways you can lend a helping hand to the groups that do so much for animals in our communities across the country.

1.     Volunteer

One of the biggest ways you can help out your local shelter is to volunteer your time to their cause.  An easy way to help is by volunteering to help walk, feed, bathe, or even just play with the animals. Are you handy? Shelters are just like any other building, and will always need repairs, fresh paint, or even furniture for the animals. Many shelters also need help with bookkeeping. Someone with accounting experience in non-profits can be extremely helpful to these organizations.

2.     Get Creative

There are plenty of safe, DIY toys that you can make at home and donate to a shelter or rescue operation. Know how to sew? There are even ways to convert old clothing and household into pet beds!

3.     Transportation

Sometimes shelters or rescue operations need to transport animals to a new home in a different area. The drives can be several hours, and sometimes more than one person is needed to make transportation possible. Volunteering your time as a doggie chauffer can be both fun and rewarding.

4.     Donations

Obviously, shelters are always in need of monetary donations, but there are a multitude of other items that make great donations. Old towels and sheets make great bedding, and gently used collars and leashes are also welcome. Taking care of that many animals can be a dirty job, so cleaning supplies are another item to think about.

5.     Fostering

The fact is, millions of animals are euthanized in shelters each year. Do you have room for a temporary companion on your home? When you foster a pet in your home, you are opening a space in the shelter that would otherwise not exist. You are also helping that pet by providing them with a stable environment in order to understand their specific needs and personality.

6.     Adopt

You might have room for a temporary resident, but what about a permanent one? By adopting a shelter animal, you are giving them a chance at life that they may not have otherwise had. Adoption is a challenging and rewarding experience that will have an amazing impact on both your pet’s life, and your own.

Animal shelters around the country do incredible work to save animals and help them find homes. Chances are that your local shelter or rescue group could use your help, whether it be through volunteering your time or donating to the cause. If you have more suggestions for helping out, leave them in the comments section below! Also, if you are currently volunteering at a local animal shelter in one of the ways above, be sure to snap a photo and share it with us on our Texas Alliance for Homeless Pets Facebook page! We would love to see our readers making a difference to pets in their communities.

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