5 Reasons Why Shelters Are A Great Place To Find Your Future Pet

5 Reasons Why Shelters Are A Great Place To Find Your Future Pet

Pet stores are ordinary sights to see in cities and towns, no matter the size. They’re easy to find and even easier to buy from. The same goes for puppy and kitty mills. They seem like a quick and straightforward way to get a new pet, hassle-free. So why should people adopt a pet rather than go through a pet store or mill? It’s simple- adopting from a shelter is often more humane for animals and give owners a better, more personalized experience. Still not convinced? Read on to find out why.

1. Adopting a cat or dog from an animal shelter or rescue center will usually ensure a healthy pet–this goes for health and socialization. That’s not to say you shouldn’t take your newly adopted pet to the vet for a checkup. However, for the majority of most rescues and shelters, they do all they can to ensure a successful adoption. They socialize them, check for any diseases, and often take care of vaccinations themselves. That’s not always the case with pet stores and mills.

2. Puppy and kitty mills are breeding operations that care more about profit than the animal’s well being.  The females that breed in these mills give birth to one litter after another until they can’t breed anymore. They often have never been out of cages, and in some severe cases, have never been outside. Once old enough, the babies they give birth to are sent to pet stores to be bought. However, in rescue centers and shelters, good temperament, behavior and health are always ensured before a pet is adopted out into their new home. This is often accomplished through pet fostering and having volunteers come into shelters and help socialize the animals.

3. Adopting a pet saves a life. Because of the skyrocketing percentages of pet overpopulation and so many homeless pets in America, many shelters or rescues across the country simply have too many animals to take care of them all. This leads to needless euthanasia of countless cats and dogs. So many animals could be saved if more people went out and adopted them.

4. Prices are much lower at shelters and rescues than they are at pet stores. Because of the fact that shelters usually have already taken care of vaccinations as well as spaying or neutering. It’s true that there is usually an adoption fee, but it often still remains significantly less than what you’d pay in a store.

5. Personalization is something that is exclusive to rescues and shelters. Because those places have spent individual time with your pet before you adopt him or her, they know how your pet operates, and their personality, so to speak. They can give you advice on your specific pet, which will help to guarantee a happy adoption and make the two of you bond even faster.

If you’re interested in adopting or even considering fostering a pet in the near future, contact The Texas Alliance For Homeless Pets today.

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