5 Reasons to Adopt – Not Shop

5 Reasons to Adopt – Not Shop

You can teach an old dog new tricks, but can you teach humans new tricks? It is possible. So here are 5 reasons why you should adopt your next dog instead of buying one at your local pet store.

1. You will be saving a life.

Around 2.7 million adoptable dogs and cats are euthanized each year simply because too many people give up their pets and too few people adopt. Also, when you buy a dog from a pet store, you may be supporting puppy mills. Puppy mills are a well-kept secret of the pet trade industry. They supply animals to pet stores without any concern for the millions of animals who die in animal shelters as a result. It is routine for puppy mills to keep animals in cramped, crude, and filthy living conditions without proper socialization or veterinary care.

Puppy mill puppies are sold to unsuspecting customers in pet stores, over the Internet, and through newspaper classified advertisements, to anyone who is willing to purchase them. Being marked as coming from great breeders and well-rehearsed sales tactics keep money going towards puppy mills by making sure that the customers never know where the puppy comes from, which is a crucial step in puppy buying.

2. You cannot buy love – but you can adopt it!

It has been said that animals who are adopted from shelters or rescues are much more affectionate towards their new owners. Adopting is also a lot less expensive than buying from a pet store or dog breeder. Adopting just makes you feel good and the dog you adopt will love you unconditionally for doing so. It has also been proven that adopting a dog is psychologically, physically, and emotionally beneficial.

3. Most “previously owned” dogs are already housetrained.

One of the most challenging obstacles when you get a new puppy is training him or her to go outdoors to do its business. By getting an adopted dog that is already housetrained, you will save yourself a lot of stress and frustration by not having to worry about accidents inside your home.

4. Your adopted pet will be healthy.

Shelters and rescue groups often include vaccinations, micro-chipping, and spaying/neutering in the adoption fee. In addition to medical care, more and more shelters also screen their animals for specific temperaments and behaviors to ensure that every family finds the perfect dog or cat for their lifestyle. Also, by adopting, you save a lot of money, which can go towards buying food, toys, and other necessities.

5. At an animal shelter or rescue, there are a large variety of dogs for you to choose from.

Pet stores are usually limited in options. You can find a dog specific to your needs and wants at a shelter; there are smaller breeds which are more than happy to simply join you on the couch while watching television, while larger breeds will be content with going for a run and becoming your new exercise partner.

If you are interested in seeing adoptable puppies, come to our Super-Adoption event in October! By fostering or adopting, you can make a pet feel loved and give it a second chance at life.

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