5 Important Swimming Tips For Summer Pet Safety

5 Important Swimming Tips For Summer Pet Safety

Going on vacation and taking a family pet seems like the summer from a storybook, but it’s important to remember the dangers that can accompany swimming with a pet in lakes, the ocean and even just in your backyard swimming pool. These dangers don’t have to limit your time spent splashing around with them though, as long as you follow these pet safety tips, you’ll be on your way to keeping both you and your pet safe.

1. Never leave pets unattended

Just like young children, you should never leave your pet unattended near the water. While you may know when you should jump in the water, and how to clear the edge of the pool, they may not. They also may not know how to get out by themselves after they’ve had enough. As long as your swimming with them, or at least in the area, you will be able to help them if disaster were to strike.

2. Introduce pets to water slowly

Some dogs will see water for the first time and jump right in. However, never assume your pet will enjoy the water and take them all the way in right away. Make sure to introduce your pet to the water gradually. That way, they’ll have a positive first few experiences with the water and understand water means fun, and there’s nothing to be afraid of.

3. Try to limit their water intake

This can be hard, because it’s very easy to get some water in the mouth while swimming around. However, try your best to limit the amount of water they’re drinking as much as you can. Dirty pond, lake and ocean water, and heavily chlorinated pool water especially, is not good for your dog, so you have to be the one to watch out for them. Make sure to provide plenty of fresh water while swimming so they have an alternative that is better for them.

4. Don’t allow pets to wander off alone

Picture this common situation: You take a walk along the beach and Fido seems to be having a great time running around in the waves and on the shore. You want to head back in to grab your camera, but don’t want to disturb his fun. It’s perfectly fine to disturb him! When you leave a pet alone near a natural water source, it’s possible they could find wildlife they want to eat, or escape to a section that may have more rocks or a higher current than where they were playing before. Make sure you don’t leave your pet alone to explore.

5. Invest in a flotation device

Going on a family boat ride sounds like so much fun, so why not bring your pet too? However, pets have a tendency to launch themselves whenever they see something interesting, whether they’re ready to swim out in the open or not. Investing in a flotation device will guard against the possibility that something negative will come from your pet’s escapade.

The water isn’t the only possible hazard for your pets this summer. They can also get sunburned, suffer from heat exhaustion, or many other equally negative side effects. By practicing proper summer safety, such as making sure they have a shaded place to rest, adequate water and sunscreen if they’re lightly colored, you can be sure to have the safest pet around! We’d love to see your pet enjoying their afternoon swims on your recent family vacation, so be sure to post your pet pictures on our Facebook page! Have your own summer heat safety tips for pets? Post those too!

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