5 Great Reasons Why You Should Adopt A Pet This Summer

5 Great Reasons Why You Should Adopt A Pet This Summer

Adopting a pet from a shelter is always an exciting event. Getting everything together in your home to welcome their arrival, taking them for walks in the evening around your neighborhood—there are a number of thrilling moments that occur in your first few months with your new pet. However, these moments may be even more exciting and memorable if they occur during the summer months. To explain better, here are a few reasons why adopting a pet during summer may be a great idea for your family.

1. You Have More Time To Spend With Them

Whether it’s the kids out for summer, or you’re taking a vacation for a week in June, the summer often ushers in an increased amount of time that is often seemingly nonexistent during the rest of the year. Adopting a pet during the summer gives you and your family time to spend with the new friend to help them acclimate to their new home instead of adopting on a weekend and having to go back to the grind on Monday.

2. Keep The Kids Entertained

Spending $40 per kid at an amusement park may be fun the first time, and maybe even another time after that, but when that becomes one of the only things to do during the summer, the ticket prices start adding up. Adopting a new friend, as long as you and your family are sure you’re ready for the commitment, is a great way to give the kids something to do that’s relatively cheaper than multiple trips to Six Flags or the zoo.

3. Summer Gives You Many Options For Shelter Pets

For most shelters, the summer months are a time that the number of animals they have occupying space reaches a record high. And, thankfully, since many shelters are no kill pet shelters, the only way to create new space for pets is for people to adopt. This means that not only are your options for pets increased, but the prices of adoption are usually lowered as well. Whether this increase is because of increased pets loss on vacation or more lost animals come out of hiding to find release from the summer heat, the shelters will often take measures to continue making room for new pets.

4. Warmer Weather

Snow can be fun, but bringing home a new puppy that gets lost in the snow often eliminates the amount of time you can spend walking or running around the backyard with them.  However, bringing a pet home during the summer allows you to help them get used to their new outside habits, whether it be walks or potty trips, without bitter cold or pouring rain discourage them from venturing outside.

5. More Training Staff

Do you remember those days in high school where you would apply to a list of possible places to get a summer job? Kids are still doing that, and one of the types of places that show up on that popular summer job list are positions at pet training and boarding facilities. If you bring your new friend home and find they have a couple bad habits that you’re not quite sure how to break, you won’t have to look far to find someone to help you nip them in the bud.

Bringing home a shelter pet is a positive decision for the shelter, pet and new owner, but the summer can be one of the best times to make that decision. Not only are you bringing home a new friend that you have time to enjoy, but you’re also helping out a loving pet and a shelter who probably needs room to help out other animals. By now you’re surely ready to adopt a pet, the weather’s getting warmer after all, so contact us and we’ll set you up with the friend you always dreamed of, you’ll be glad you adopted a pet.

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