4 Fun Ways To Celebrate March 21st’s National Puppy Day!

4 Fun Ways To Celebrate March 21st’s National Puppy Day!

Celebrate this adorable pet holiday with one of these fun, exciting ideas.

It is no secret that puppies are one of the few undisputed, irresistible causes of happiness and joy in this world. Just watching them clumsily run around, trying to figure out their own footing is enough to put a smile on your face, no matter what mood you’re in. And when it comes to kisses, it is hard to argue that there is anything better than being greeted after a long day by a smothering wet, happy puppy kiss.

Therefore, for March 21st’s National Puppy Day, there is nothing that we want to do more than celebrate the love, joy, hilarity and caring nature of all of the puppies in the world. Whether you are an owner of an adorable puppy yourself, or you’re not a pet owner yet but love to spend time with puppies, there are a number of ways in which you can celebrate this fur-tastic holiday!

To help you get started, here are four fun ways to celebrate next week’s National Puppy Day!

1. Treat Your Pet To A New Toy

What is one way to celebrate and show your appreciation for a loved one in your life? Buy them a gift to show them how much you care, of course! Take a break from your busy work day during National Puppy Day and take a shopping trip with your furry friend! Many pet stores will allow your pets to join you for an afternoon of shopping, so take your puppy to a nearby pet store to pick out a new toy or treat in the shop―anything their happy heart desires!

2. Give Them The Gift Of A Pamper Day

Really want to show your puppy how much you appreciate them? Treat them to a day of puppy-spa activities, such as a nice hair grooming, getting their nails done, buying them a new collar in the latest fashion, or even a full day of pampering that includes all of the above at a nearby pet salon. They’ll be the most stylish, well-groomed pet on the block.

3. Go Visit Puppies At Your Local Pet Shelter

Don’t own your own puppy to celebrate National Puppy Day with? No worries! In every city around the country, there are dozens of homeless puppies who would love to have someone show them some love and attention on National Puppy Day. Plus, your local pet shelter is always looking for happy, caring volunteers to come in and work with them and their animals. You may even be able to help a puppy find their own forever home and family to celebrate National Puppy Day with for years to come!

4. Have A Pet and Pet Owner Bonding Day

One of the greatest things that our pet’s do for us daily is love us unconditionally. Therefore, there is nothing that your puppy would probably love more on National Puppy Day than to spend some loving, quality time with their owner! Take your puppy to a local dog park or beach to play, spend the afternoon playing some of their favorite games with them, or just cuddle up on the couch for a movie day with your pet. No matter what you do, they will just appreciate your love!

How are you and your puppy going to be celebrating National Puppy Day this year? Be sure to share your plans with us in the comments below! Also be sure to send us picture’s on our Texas Alliance for Homeless Pets Facebook page of you and your pet celebrating National Puppy Day!

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