4 Fun Ways That You Can Raise Money For Your Local Animal Shelter

4 Fun Ways That You Can Raise Money For Your Local Animal Shelter

Helping out your local shelter is a great way to get charitable in your community.

Now that we are kicking off the summer season, many parents and children across the country are looking for fun activities that they can participate in to take up afternoons that would usually be spent at school or after-school events. Depending on your interests, these activities could involve signing up at a local summer camp or even taking up a new hobby at your local community center.

However, if your whole family is looking for a fun way to spend their summer while also doing some good in their local community, why not consider volunteering or raising money for your local animal shelter?

Every dollar that goes into an animal shelter is spent supplying homeless, needy animals with food, water, shelter, toys, medicine and more. These helpful goods not only help nurse sick, disadvantaged pets back into proper health, but also help them get one step close into finding a forever family to welcome them into their home.

As you can see, it is the helpful donations by local community members that help animal shelters survive and open their doors to more needy pets. Therefore, consider getting  your family together to spend some time this summer helping your local shelters thrive! Here are four fun ways that you can raise money this summer for your local animal shelter:

Pass On Presents At Your Next Party

One great way that many people have began collecting money and donations for animal shelters is through parties. For instance, if you have an upcoming birthday party or wedding, ask your guests for donations to you local shelter in lieu of a typical present. You could also ask all party-goers to bring something pet-related instead of a typical hostess gift, such as bottle of wine or flowers. Many guests are very receptive to the idea and are happy to help a local shelter.

See If Your Local Shelter Has A Membership Program

One simple way to raise money for an animal shelter or rescue center is to become a member. Many shelters around the country feature memberships for a minimal fee, usually about $25-$30 annually. Members are usually kept up-to-date with local activities and fundraising events that are happening at the shelter through newsletters, which often will also keep you updated on the animals that are currently at the shelter.

Lend Your Services To Fundraising Events

Many animal shelters have several annual fundraising events throughout the year and feature many opportunities for your family to help raise money. Whether you are donating your time, services or simply spreading the word about the event, the help of volunteers go a long way to make these important events one of the biggest sources of income for many animal shelters.

Collect Donations

As stated above, animal shelters need to provide food, medicine, toys and shelter to all of the animals that are staying there. This can be very costly! Therefore, any donations of these objects are always welcome. Consider holding a pet donation drive at your work or child’s school asking for new supplies that could help your local animal shelter. People are usually more than happy to lend some kitty litter, blankets or food to homeless animals in need.

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