3 Reasons To Adopt During June’s Adopt-A-Shelter-Cat Month

3 Reasons To Adopt During June’s Adopt-A-Shelter-Cat Month

Looking to bring a feline friend into your home? June is the perfect time!

Are you a pet lover who has always admired animals from a far, but have never had the chance to call a pet your own? You’re not alone! Every single day, people all over the world become first time pet owners, and maybe now is the right time in your life for you too to think about pet adoption!

However, just because you may now be ready to bring a pet into your life, doesn’t mean that you know which kind of pet to adopt or what type of animal may be right for you! Therefore, in honor of June’s Adopt-A-Shelter-Cat month, we are looking closer at the reasons why many people like to adopt shelter cats. You may just find that these reasons may inspire you to adopt a feline friend of your own!

1. Cats Are Often A Low Maintenance Pet

While all pets require a lot of care and love in order to keep them healthy and happy, cats require somewhat less maintenance than other types of pets. For instance, you don’t have to take them out to go to the bathroom, you don’t have to take them on walks, and they often like to keep to themselves during the day. Adult cats especially are one of the most easy-going pets that you can bring into your life, as they often settle into routines quicker than other animals, making them perfect for busy households.

2. By Adopting A Shelter Cat, You’re Saving A Life

When it comes to pet adoption, you have a lot of choices in where you can look for your future family pet. However, when you choose to go to your local shelter and adopt a homeless animal, you are not only making a conscious choice to not support animal cruelty, but you are also helping to save a life. Even if your local shelter is no-kill (one of the best kinds of organizations to support!), adopting a cat from them will help to open up space for another homeless animal who may have otherwise found themselves facing euthanization.

3. Cats Are A Perfect Pet Choice For Young Families

If you are just starting a family of your own and are still in a young, transitional period of your life, cats make a great choice for a pet. While many young couples may consider adopting a dog at first, they often find that dogs aren’t as “transitional” of a pet as cats are. For instance, if you have not yet settled into what will be your “forever home,” having a large pet like a dog will seriously limit your options for housing. However, many landlords are more open to smaller animals, like cats, when they are looking through tenant applications. You also do not have to be at home as much with a cat, which may be a smart choice if it is still early in your career and you do not know what kind of hours to expect in future positions.


Are you currently the owner of a happy, healthy shelter cat? If so, be sure to share what you love most about your feline friend in the comments below! Also be sure to share your successful pet adoption story with us on our Facebook page—we may even feature your story in an upcoming blog post!


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